Friday, October 7, 2011



To all my Jewish readers: GMAR veCHATIMAH TOVA – May you be inscribed in the Book of Life ! 

It is rather strange. I am expecting some Yom Kippur content and most Israeli papers are writing about the Yom Kippur War today. Remembering soldiers, tactics and the fact that we still have to protect ourselves, as our enemies keep on planning to destroy us. What the majority of Israeli politicians hasn’t learnt is to also trust in G – d and not the latest, most advanced, tank or missile. 

For me, Erev Yom Kippur is a bit stressful because I have to work until, at least, 3pm. Then going home, showering and eating. Unfortunately, there exist too many rumours from those people who don’t really know Tel Aviv. Despite all false claims, Tel Aviv has plenty of Synagogues and I will do some Shul hopping tomorrow. From Chabad, to a litvishe haredi Synagogue, maybe something Sephardi inbetween and the Ne’ilah service at the Great Synagogue with Tel Aviv’s Chief Rabbi Israel Me’ir Lau. 

For those of you visiting Israel at the moment: Public life will almost completely stop between 2 – 4pm. The last bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is running at 2.30pm. Even the Tel Aviv supermarket chain AM:PM is going to shut down until tomorrow night. 

ZOM KAL – Have a good and easy Fast !

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