Sunday, October 2, 2011

HA'TACHANAH - The old Tel Aviv Train Station, Part 1


Tiberias used to have the GROSSMANN family and the Tel Aviv counterpart was the WIELAND family. Templars, Christian missionaries from Germany who used to move to Israel at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1941, the British who were then occupying Palestine, deported those Templars to Australia. Not because of their Christian origin but due to the fact that the Templars were supporting Adolph Hitler in Germany. Also the Grossmanns and well as the Wielands got deported. 

A week ago, I was visiting the building complex of the old train station in Tel Aviv. Not too far from the beach. At Jerusalem Street leading into Yaffo. Just pass Neve Zedek towards the beach, turn to the right (Eilat Street) and you will find the famous TACHANAH - STATION. 

In 1900, the Templar Hugo Wieland moved with his family to Palestine and settled next to the train station. In 1902, he built his villa and three years later a factory producing construction as well as agricultural products. Today the building complex consists of 22 buildings and serves as a cultural center. Not too religious but very interesting to visit. The TACHANAH offers concerts, exhibitions and lectures. and is an absolute MUST for every Tel Aviv visitor !

The old train station was a direct connection to the nearby town Yaffo. The main building of the station was built in 1892. The train went from Yaffo via Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. 

Today the entire building complex is a closed area with a security guard at the entrance gate. There is NO entrance fee but the fancy restaurants are definitely not cheap. Those of you who desperately need a cup of coffee like me: Go to “Café Greg” across the old “Wieland Villa”. 

Surrounding in front of the Tachanah (Station). The sea and the tower of Yaffo in the back. 

At the entrance: The main building built in 1892. Recently renovated. Inside you can find a tourist information office and a cafe. 

 A view to the left: The white building on the right used to be the freight terminal of the train station. 

Also near the entrance gate: An old railway wagon.

Have a look inside

A screen for documentaries as well as pictures from the past.

To be honest, I just felt like in Germany. Everything is so clean and tidy. Even the building look so typical German.:-)))

Copyright / Photos: Miriam Woelke


  1. B'H

    It's like a Nazi concentration camp. Sorry, but it's the impression it gives me.

  2. :-))))))

    Yeah, it does look like it. I haven't thought about it but when you are actually there, it is a very nice quiet place. No screaming Nazis, at least.:-)))