Saturday, October 15, 2011

The HAMAS and its secrecy

Photo: Gaza Graffiti making fun of Gilad Shalit


The News Site of the Lebanese terror organization Hizbollah, “Ma’an”, reports that Hamas is not willing to release any details about Gilad Shalit's location and circumstances of capture. Furthermore there are sources indicating that the Hamas wants to avoid any details released about Shalit's prisoner conditions. Everything is going to remain “top secret”. 

How is this going to work when Shalit himself could talk about his conditions and how he was able to survive ?  Unless Hamas is giving a hint here that Shalit is either dead or mentally gone and thus won't be able to provide any information. 

I cannot help myself but something stinks about the whole deal. Does Israel have any proof whether Shalit is alive or not ? The truth is that no one knows anything and only shortly before the actual exchange, the Red Cross will be allowed to meet him.

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