Saturday, October 1, 2011

A New Blog Template ?


BLOGGER has been making some modernization adjustments and is now offering new Blog Templates. I used to study marketing in the past and thus learnt that different "products" become a brand because they represent a certain colour or design. The most famous example may be COCA COLA with its colour RED. 

As we also learnt in our marketing semester, the colour read stands for ENERGY. Product colours represent a style and / or a feeling and Coca Cola is definitely causing you the feeling "I must have a cool bottle of coke now !"

Once a product has become a brand and is being identified with a certain image, logo or colour, it is very hard to make changes. 

I am not as famous a Coca Cola or anything like it but I would love to make some design changes on my blogs. Therefore I am asking the Germans on my German Blogs and you and this international Blog. 

Would you mind any "radical" design changes on this blog or could you get used to it ?


  1. I'm sure many of your readers wouldn't mind so long as the adverts weren't pritzus.

    It seems many frum blogs have singles adverts for non jewish women appearing and xtan group adverts appearing...

    Can you control what adverts appear?

  2. As long as I can read your articles without having to click all over the place I don't really care about design. The only thing I hate is the style that prints a few lines then you have to click to another page to read the rest. This means one has to go back to find the original page again to read other articles. That is too much trouble and I usually go someplace else.

  3. B"H

    I am not planning on Adverts but on changing the design. Maybe.