Wednesday, October 5, 2011

JEWISH AGENCY working together with Christian Missionaries


It is nothing new at all what I am telling you here but I found an actual proof of what is going on. The JEWISH AGENCY working together with the Christian (Missionary) Embassy in Jerusalem. For years, Israel's anti - Missionary organization YAD LE'ACHIM as well as leading haredi Rabbis, have been warning and announcing that the "International Christian Embassy" is deeply involved in prostelyzing Jews. 

What do vicious missionaries have to do with Aliyah ? Besides prostelyzing, bringing lots of Christians into the country and claiming that they are Jewish. 

Unfortunately, the Jewish Agency is not the only organization receiving funds from missionary Christians. Another example are the "Christian Friends of Yad Vashem" or SHEKEL community services. Have a look how Christian missionaries have been using Holocaust survivors for their vicious goals: 

The link showing a photo and names of Christian missionaries !

Source: The links I gave are taken from the website of the International Christian Embassy itself. 


  1. B"H

    I don't get why these Missionaries feel the need to be involved in Aliyah.

    And it's no wonder why many like myself and many others decide to remain here in the Diaspora.

    I mean how many Russians who made Aliyah are actually Jewish in accordance with Halacha?

    What about the individuals who converted reform and made Aliyah?

    Those people aren't Jewish but yet they make Aliyah. It's the same as the Ethiopians.

  2. B"H

    There are cases were Christian missionaries are being send to Russians at their hometowns before making Aliyah. There they are being taught Christianity, may receive funds under the condition to keep on prostelyzing in Israel.

    As you see, even the Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem gets a Christian Missionary film team in order to exploid Holocaust survivors.

    Missionaries such as the Evangelical Christians feel the need bringing Jews to Israel and later on, prostelyze them to Christianity. They believe that this would cause the third coming of the false Meshiach J.

  3. There are many xtians who pretend to be Jewish to get into the country. Also there are groups that to this day go to Russia, help xtians fake papers of a Jewish ancestor, then fund them to come to Israel. They missionize them all the way, give them money and voila! Another xtian family with citizenship. They prey on the poor, the old, the sick and the unhappy, especially young kids. Start checking into the backgrounds of people and you will be shocked. The xtian population is many times higher than anyone thinks. They believe that the Jews blew it and they are now the chosen ones. Bunch of sickos.