Monday, October 3, 2011

GILO is WEST Jerusalem


It is unbelievable how the whole world is trying to decide over Jerusalem. Just a reminder: Jerusalem is and has been a JEWISH city and Mrs Angela Merkel has no right telling the Israeli government where to build. It is known that the German Chancellor hates the guts out of Israeli settlers and last Friday, on Rosh Hashana, Mrs Merkel phoned Benjamin Netanyahu and started yelling at him. 

The Israeli government is going to build 1100 new apartments in the Gilo neighbourhood. An ordinary Jerusalem neighbourhood about 15 minutes far away from the city center. Well, it depends on what bus you take and how the traffic is, as the way may be even shorter. 

Not only Angela Merkel went mad and believed the Palestinian propaganda claiming that Gilo is an Israeli settlement. The US government was following suit. 

Most people outside Jerusalem have no clue about GILO and here are a few insights:

TV - Documentary about Jerusalem's "controversial" neighbourhood GILO

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  1. What annoys me is why do we feel as Jews the need to justify building in our own land!

    How can anyone recognise the UN when it now used as a platform for Anti-Semites to incite hate against Jews.