Monday, October 10, 2011

Boycott Jerusalem's Christian Missionary Parade !


Fanatic Christian tourists from all over the world are streaming to Jerusalem. Every year before and during Sukkot, thousands of mainly nutty Christians are following the invitations of the “International Christian Embassy Jerusalem” in order to participate in the “Jerusalem Parade”. 

One afternoon on Sukkot, thousands of Christians walking down the main streets of Jerusalem in order to spread their idol – worship ideology. The entire parade is presented as “Christians for Israel”. Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat wishes everyone “Chag Sameach – A happy Holiday” and countless Israeli companies also participate in the march. However, the entire event is organized by the “International Christian Embassy Jerusalem”, and this false embassy has only one goal: Prostelyzing Jews. 

Missionary embassy and Christians at the Jerusalem Parade in 2010.
Photo: Miriam Woelke

Whereas haredi Rabbis keep on warning that Jews should keep away from the vicious missionary parade, national religious Rabbis are not ashamed to participate and give speeches at the one – week missionary congress at Jerusalem’s international convention center Binyane’i Ha’Uma. This is where the Christian embassy and all participants gather for lectures how to prostelyze Jews and who to hunt. The national religious movement does anything when cash is coming in. 

The Christian part of the parade wants to demonstrate Gentile support for Israel and that Israel does have friends among the nations. Those Christian participants demonstrate their sympathy and, at the same time, may hate the Muslims. 

Nevertheless, I am asking myself who may cause the greater damage ? The local Muslims or the missionary Christians destroying Jewish souls.

Last year I was watching the parade in order to take pictures. It was terrible being surrounded by crazy Christians proclaiming the second coming of the dead Jew J. as well as some kind of alien rapture. I wouldn’t mind if aliens came along and kidnapped all the loonies from the missionary parade. On the other hand, I don’t think that even the aliens would bother with such funny farm inhabitants.


  1. B'H

    Read this very recent article about Muslim trying to vonvert Israeli Jews:

    He admits himself that he has no success. In fact, most Jews who converted to Islam in Israel did it for marrying their Arab lover, and not because they believed Islam is the truth (which we all know, even if you are the biggest Secular Jew, that it's a fake religion).

    But there are some few exceptions of Jews who converted out of conviction, as you can see here:

    Nevertheless, all those who convert to other religions are Jews who were raised Seculars. You will never hear about a Religious Jew turning X-tian or Muslim.

  2. B"H

    I have been flooded with stupid comments from fanatic Christians.

    To all those fanatics:

    Every computer has a delete button.:-)))))))))))))))

    When I look at you and your idol - worship, it makes me very proud to be JEWISH and not among you and like you !!!

  3. B"H

    Why on earth is the municipality allowing this to happen?

    This march should not be allowed whatsoever.

  4. B"H

    First of all, the march is not officially being announced as "organized by the International Christian Embassy" but as the "Jerusalem Parade". Letting it appear more legal, various Israeli companies as well as army units also participate and are marching in the front. Afterwards thousands of Christians are following with their idol - worship flags.

    Why the municipality allows it ?

    Because it brings money and too many Jews think that those participating Christians are Israel lovers.

    And, as I said, too much money is involved. The mayor himself is even marching in the front.