Sunday, April 15, 2012

Anti - Semitic "Peace" Activists in Israel


The FLYTILLA Peace Activists have arrived in Israel and already taken care of their main goal: Causing trouble by provoking Israeli security staff such as police and army. Hundreds of Israeli cops have been on high alert and patrolling Ben Gurion Airport. A so - called "peace and pro - Palestinian" site uploaded a  video on Youtube showing an Israeli army officer hitting a Danish activist with his gun. If this Dane had stood in front of me provoking, I would have lost my temper too. Unfortunately, the video doesn't show the provocations the peaceniks were causing before the incident. 

A bunch of left - wing and pro - Palestinian troublemakers from all over the world are coming to Israel. People who are being financed by Iran and supporting Arab terrorism. Anti - Semites from all over the workd who have no clue about reality in Israel. Julius Streicher and Heinrich Himmler would have been proud having such willing volunteers.

HERE are a few photos including a video:


Further Links on the subject: 

Letter from the Israeli Government to FLYTILLA Activists

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