Saturday, April 7, 2012

Replacing Seder wine with Milk ?


A true Pessach Story

Once a Jewish woman approached an American Orthodox Rabbi asking him whether she may replace the Seder wine with milk. She said that she is so poor and thus cannot afford wine. The Rabbi thought for a while, gave her 300 $ and told her to buy herself some wine. The woman was happy and went home.

The wife of the Rabbi who had watched the scene was upset, as her husband had just given away 300 $. She asked him for the reason and whether a smaller amount wouldn't have been enough to buy wine. The Rabbi responded that when the woman asked him for replacing wine with milk, he understood that the woman also doesn't have meat for the Seder night. 

One has to look behind the facade and not only listening to what a person says. One has to read between the lines and when someone asked you for help, he may not tell you the whole truth out of shame. Our duty, however, is to look behind the facade and realize the real need of the person asking for help.

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