Monday, April 2, 2012

Police arresting four executives of haredi Website


The haredi press doesn't mention a word but the secular newspaper ISRAEL HAYOM does. However, the truth is that no one has any details to tell. 

Four executive employees of the Israeli haredi Website Be'Chadrei HaCharedim were arrested by the police. Why ? The police still don't want to announce the entire truth. The case may be rocking the entire haredi press. 

There are rumours that "Be'Chadrei HaCharedim" employees may have threatened other people. The website itself claims not to know the reasons for the arrest. The police, on the other hand, have already announced further arrests of "Be'Chadrei HaCharedim" employees. 

So far, the site keeps on working as usual

The police are NOT investigating KIKAR SHABBAT, as first mentioned but the site Be'Chadrei HaCharedim !

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