Monday, April 9, 2012

Chametz on Chol HaMo'ed


Many of us know the situation: We are cleaning for Pessach and are sure that no further Chametz is being left anywhere. No way that there is one noodle left behind the stove or the kitchen cupboard. But what if a forgotten noodle suddenly shows up during Chol HaMo'ed ?

Photo: Miriam Woelke

The book OZAR HAMO’ADIM (a collection of different Pessach – Halachot and Stories) is providing an answer: 

A Jew cleaning for Pessach and, by mistake, overlooking some Chametz and suddenly finding it on Chol HaMo'ed has to say the Beracha (Blessing): Baruch … asher kidishanu be’Mitzwotav ve’ziwanu al Bi’ur Chametz. This blessing is usually said before we burn the last Chametz a few hours before Pessach starts. This way we cancel our Chametz and repeat the Beracha after finding some forgotten Chametz in our home.

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