Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Israel commemorates its fallen soldiers and prepares for celebrations


Tonight at 8pm, the nationwide YOM HA'ZIKARON (Memorial Day for Israel's fallen soldiers and terror victims) has begun with a 2 - minute siren sound. 

YOM HA'ZIKARON always causes a strange feeling. A depressing and sad atmosphere. 22,993 soldiers died in action since the foundation of the "State of Israel" in 1948. 

No doubt, our country knows how to mourn and tonight, even a city like Tel Aviv is quiet. Shops, restaurants, cinemas or cafes are closed. Tomorrow, business will be as usual but interrupted by another siren sound at 11am. 

Tomorrow (Wednesday) night, sadness is turning into overwhelming celebrations when at about 8.30 / 9pm the events for Israel's 64th birthday are going to start. A symbolic sign of the history of the Jewish people: After sadness and mourning comes endless joy ! 

Israeli flags are everywhere due to the upcoming Independence Day. Here outside the Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv.

Flag inside the Azrieli Mall

Flag at the Community Center at the Neve Zedek neighbourhood

Also in Neve Zedek

Photos: Miriam Woelke

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