Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New excavation site near the "City of King David"


I am going to publish photos from the "City of King David - Ir David" within the next few days. What surprised me was seeing a new excavation site right across the "City of King David" while I was in Jerusalem yesterday. 

The excavations are still going on and there were no signs or descriptions. It may be that the site used to be part of the ancient Old City before the First Temple was built. In the times of King David, the city of Jerusalem was located where we find today's "City of King David" and not where today's Jewish Quarter is located. The very ancient city of Jerusalem was located in the middle of today's Arab village of Silwan. Right outside the Dung Gate near the Western Wall (Kotel) and below the Temple Mount. 

The Temple Mount on the right, in the background you can see the Mount of Olives (Har HaZe'itim) and to the very right is the Dung Gate.

Outside the Dung Gate

Right across the Dung Gate you can see the Arab village SILWAN. The village is part of Jerusalem and has been exisiting for only 50 years or so. A bit more than 100 years ago, there actually was a small village at the same spot but it was populated by Yemenite Jews who had come from Yemen to Jerusalem. The Yemenites couldn't find any housing, as local Jews didn't really want them. Christian missionaries tried prostelyzing them but didn't succeed. The Yemenites lived in caves and until today, you can see signs of Mezuzot on the oldest doorposts of Arab Silwan. 

The excavation site across the "City of King David" in Silwan. Very close to the Dung Gate and Temple Mount.

Copyright / Photos: Miriam Woelke

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  1. in that first pic, Har Habayit is to the left.