Monday, April 9, 2012

Kabbalistic approach to the "Counting of the Omer - Sefirat HaOmer", Part 1

The Counting of the Omer - Sefirat HaOmer


Since last night, Jews all over the world habe been starting the Omer period. Seven weeks from the second day of Pessach until Shavuot. I am sure that there are many Jews out there who don't really understand what is going on and why we still have to count a certain period where new barley was being brought to the Temple in Jerusalem. What does this have to do with me today ? Although the Omer is a biblical commandment, many Jews may see the whole issue as not really important. 

The Jewish Kabbalah, however, presents us plenty of comments on the "Counting of the Omer". The counting has a deep impact on our soul and may lead us to a Tikun (soul rectification). Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (the RAMCHAL) describes deeper insights in the book "Kitzur HaKavanot". Among others that the seven weeks stand for seven Sefirot. Each week a different Sefirah. 

The ten Sefirot are a symbolic system in Kabbalah in order to make us understand G - d's attributes. Not really understand but at least grasp something. Without this kabbalistic symbolism, we wouldn't be able to define G - d's creation of the world. How could we, as our own human understanding is very limited compared to G - d's endless and eternal wisdom ?

The first week of Sefirat HaOmer is, according to the RAMCHAL, the week of Chochmah (Wisdom). Every night while counting, Jews are able to cause a Tikun und thus transfer themselves on a higher Madrega (Level). 

I am anything but a kabbalistic specialist and in order to understand the text of the RAMCHAL, I need to do plenty of further studying. What Kabbalah is basically teaching us in this respect is that, during those seven weeks, we have the power of perfeting ourselves. A spiritual preparation for receiving the Torah on Shavuot. And this is what Jews do on Shavuot: Receiving the Torah anew.

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  1. Thanks for helping people have a better understanding....this can all be very confusing at times. I like that you say we have the power of perfecting ourselves!