Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pessach Atmosphere

 Sukkot October 2011: The masses squeezing through the Jewish Quarter in the Old City.

Photo: Miriam Woelke

The first day of Pessach is over, however, the Diaspora adds a second day. Tonight, Israel is back to normal but most Israelis are off from work this week. I am not and have to slave around. 

I was thinking about going to Jerusalem this week. Birkat HaCohanim (Blessing of the Cohanim) at the Kotel (Western Wall) and walking around in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Simply enjoying the holiday atmosphere and fulfilling the Mitzvah of "Aliyat HaRegel" on Pessach. Nevertheless, I changed my plans because thousands of Jews are going to stream into the Old City. It will be so crowded that one can hardly move. Let alone the traffic jams at the entrance to Jerusalem. The result is that I am either staying at home on my day off or that I am going somewhere else. Why not taking a trip into nature instead of going with the masses ?

Summer has started early this year and the hot humid weather has reached Tel Aviv. 25 degrees Celsius and the beaches are packed. 

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