Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Criminal Minds" and Judaism


Personally, I am a great fan of the TV series CRIMINAL MINDS and mostly watch it on Youtube. Not all of the topics interest me but some are really good. In a way, it always amazes me how many weird characters live in the US when you look at all the different kinds of real (and not "Criminal Minds") serial killers. Why in the US and not in Europe or Israel ? An American I asked once told me that the US is a free country and sometimes people don't realize the potential madness of their neighbours.

I don't remember the exact chapter but the ARIZAL (Rabbi Yitzchak Luria) talks about the mentally ill in the KITVE'I HaARI part "Sha'ar Ruach HaKodesh". There it actually says that "there are mentally ill people in the world but their task is looking for help". One has to fight his behaviour defect and search for serious help in order to change. 

It actually is an interesting idea asking why G - d allows such disgusting kind of crime to happen or whether our human behaviour or career - oriented society causes others to go astray.

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