Saturday, April 14, 2012

G – d and the TITANIC


Tonight, exactly 100 years ago, the TITANIC sank. Because the sinking of the ship was such a great tragedy, people are fascinated by the disaster until today. Movies were made, the wreck located and all kinds of dishes, furniture or personal belongings were exhibited. TV stations from all over the world have been broadcasting documentaries this week. How the TITANIC was vulnerable and finally sank. If the crew made mistakes eventually leading to the sinking of the ship ? Whether the ice – berg could have been spotted out much earlier or if there was a so – called MIRAGE leading the crew to false conclusions and noticing the ice – berg too late ?

The question is where we can see G – d in this tragedy ? The first thing coming into my mind when hearing about the TITANIC is the TOWER OF BAVEL (BABYLON). Can it be that the people building the TITANIC were making the same mistake as Nimrod and his generation ? Thinking that a ship like the TITANIC is unsinkable, no matter what is happening. Nimrod thought that his TOWER would be so powerful and pave the way to G – d’s abode that Nimrod himself will be able to catch G – d and kill Him. 

Nimrod as well as the builders of TITANIC thought that mankind is everything. We are able to create the best, mightiest and biggest houses, machines, towers, computers or ships. Nothing can stop us and our inventions seem to be so perfect that no one will be able to destroy them; impossible because we have thought and taken care of everything. No way that something may go wrong. 

The more we trust in ourselves, machines, technology or science and the more we leave out G – d, the more surprises we will have. I am not saying that G – d let all those travellers on the TITANIC die in order to show His power. However, we should still learn from this disaster and never ever feel too powerful and comfortable. There is no reason for us of being arrogant, as there will be always someone on top of us beating us with our own weapons: G – d.

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