Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some Jews want to be so holy but are just the opposite !


Sitting at a religious part of a public library in Tel Aviv, suddenly a religious Jew appeared and sat down across me. The young guy doesn't really look born religious but rather dresses like a newly Ba'al Teshuva. Those modern people suddenly putting on a black Kipa. 

He sits down and immediately surrounds himself with two huge Talmudic editions. I guess in order to not see me.:-)

I can live with that but then he puts on a pair of gigantic earplugs. Those which are used by factory workers. The next step is him starting to sing while studying the Talmud or whatever he has hidden behind his self - made "wall". 

I tried to complain by telling him nicely to shut up but he didn't listen to me. This made me feel like dumping the books over his head but, as it is the Talmud, it may hurt the books. :-)

Eventually I got up and moved my stuff over to another table. This made the guy waking up and he removed his Talmudic "wall". Now he is happy. I still hear him singing from far away but I am gone. It looks like he wanted the whole table to himself.

What kind of a self - appointed "religious" guy is this ? Studying Talmud but disturbing other people and making them leave ? In my eyes, his studies are totally unnecessary. He does one thing but disrespects Bejn Adam le'Chavero. 

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