Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chassidic Tish in Toldot Aharon


There are people who do call me a fan of Chassidut Toldot Aharon. Although I have no intentions of becoming a member of the group, I do respect them very much and always love to go to their Synagogue or Tishes with Rebbe David Kahn.

I was invited in Mea Shearim last Shabbat and after the meal, quite late, I decided to go to a chassidic Tish. Despite being death tired, I went to the Synagogue of Chassidut Toldot Avraham Yitzchak but there was nothing. Unfortunately.
Outside the building I met two Israeli seminary girls who had the same idea and we were disappointed. Maybe next Shabbat, Toldot Avraham Yitzchak will offer a Tish.

The girls and I decided to walk over to the Toldot Aharon and, as soon as we entered the alleyway leading to the Ezrat Nashim (women's entrance) we realized that everything looked empty and abandoned. We asked a Toldot Aharon woman and she told us that there actually was a Tish going on.

I was totally surprised seeing the Ezrat Nashim that empty. We found a place; squeezed into some national religious girl's group visiting the Tish for half an hour or so but then got some great seats among the women. It looked like Mea Shearim was still tired from the major Pessach celebrations and most women were probably already in bed. Not even the Toldot Aharon Rebbitzen was there when her husband ate his chicken soup.

Slowly, slowly, more and more Chassidim walked in but the Ezrat Nashim remained rather empty. Suddenly a women completely dressed in white and obviously not a Toldot Aharon member walked up to the girls and me. She had passed around little notes to any woman taking it. Now it was our turn. I asked the woman if she was handing out Tehillim (Psalms) and she nodded. Anyone should say a special section of Psalms on a certain day of the week. "For our kidnapped soldiers and other people in distress". She actually mentioned the sentenced Satmar Chassidim (smuggling drugs) in Japan as well.
I was surprised and asked her if she was from Toldot Aharon but she said NO. However, also the Toldot Aharon do pray for Gilad Shalit and other kidnapped soldiers, she stressed.
She asked me to choose a day and handed me a little note with different numbers of Psalms. I have to admit that I appreciate all her efforts.

The two girls left after a while and I stayed until the end at about 1:45am. An hour before the Tish ended, the Toldot Aharon Rebbitzen arrived at the Tish and was standing right next to me at the glass Mechitzah (separation to the men's side). We said "Gut Schabbes" to each other and talked for a while.

It was a nice Tish but I almost overslept the next day.


  1. You "respect them very much." Very nice Miriam. Did you alredy forget the fires in the streets? The yelling "Nazi, Nazi, goy," to their fellow Jews. The aged Yerushalmis having to run out into the violent streets to put out the fires in front of their houses so that their houses wouldn't catch fire? I have things I like about Toldos Aharon too. But after they should that human beings could turn into animals of the jungle, I can never say that I have very much respect for them.

  2. B"H

    The demonstration go on and more garbage cans have been burnt for different reasons.

    I don't agree to such demonstration practises either. However, I got to know some TA women and this is why respect them. We had great conversations and I do know that many of them are very fine people.

    The problem is that I never know who is in the real power position. Is it the Rebbe or some influencial "Sheine Yidden". Not that it would matter so much but I am just questioning because I think it is important.