Monday, April 12, 2010

Latest Pashkevilim

Bochurim, young Litvishe Yeshiva students from good religious families, were obviously partying in different youth hostels (Tiberias and northern Israel). The Litvishe Rabbis Yehudah Leib Steinmann and Yosef Shalom Eliyashiv, are expressing their concern and ask the parents to watch their children.

I found a further Pashkevili laying in the streets of Ge'ulah and Mea Shearim last Friday night. Hundreds of those flyers were thrown around describing how Chassidut Gur (the actual group name is not mentioned) is throwing tenants out of "Beit Warsha - Warsaw House". Poor widows and families are being kicked out of their houses so that the landlord GUR can build a shopping mall and bring Tumah (impurity) into the neighbourhood of Mea Shearim.

Therefore, a group (name doesn't appear mentioned on the flyer) is organizing a meeting on Sunday night (11 April 2010 - 27 Nissan 5770) at the "Perushim Synagogue" near Beit Warsaw. The event is taking place at 8.30pm (please not that the Edah HaCharedit did not change the clock to daylight saving and therefore the event may take place an hour later according to Israeli time !!!).

Chassidut Gur has already thrown families out of their homes and, due to Edah demonstrations, 20 Haredim got arrested and will be taken to court.

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