Friday, April 9, 2010

Christian Missionary Activities in Agrippas Street 111


The building in Jerusalem's Agrippas Street 111 is the highest building in the area (Machane Yehudah Market). Seven floors at least and, so far, mainly national religious Jews have been living their. Including Rabbi Dov Shurin. 

However, for the past few weeks I keep on seeing plenty of Christians walking in and out. Obviously a Christian couple (not Israelis !) moved in and is giving Christian classes in the evenings. The couple pretends to be Jewish but they are not.

Suddenly visitors show up holding a New Testaments in their hands (as I saw on Wednesday night). A Russian nun is around who sometimes tries to sneak into Jewish religious society. 

I will investigate further because I am sure that a bunch of missionary Christians moved into Agrippas 111 and will make an attempt to spread !

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