Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yom Ha'azamot


Some Israelis celebrate other (Israeli) Jews mourn. Tomorrow night (Monday) and Tuesday, Israel is celebrating its 62nd Independence Day. The Neturei Karta in Mea Shearim is going to have some flag burning events and awaits plenty of journalists for taking pictures. At least the Neturei Karta knows how to stay in the headlines.:-)))

Most shops in Mea Shearim will actually be closed but some remain open. Usually the children go to school whereas their (Zionist) Israeli counterpart have a day off from school. Not everyone in Mea Shearim agrees with the Neturei Karta and they are considered as far too nuts extreme.

However, some inhabitants sit Shiva, fast and cry or do everything together at once.

But not only the Neturei Karta or the Edah mourn, also Chabad considers the "Yom Ha'azma'ut" - Israeli Independence Day as "Yom Ha'azamot - Day of the Bones". The present State of Israel is a secular state and thus not their country and a desecration to G - d.

Nevertheless, when we believe that everything in this world is a will of G - d, so why not the present state as a forerunner to redemption (Ge'ulah) ? I don't think that we should only celebrate with wild parties but also with Torah study and thanking G - d !


  1. all charadi schools are open today, even litvish ones