Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Moon Flight as Analogy


From "Reaching the Moon" - The Lubavitcher Rebbe on Outer Space

By Rabbi Yitzchak Yehudah Rozen

The huge investment and effort to land on the moon is a metaphor for the flight of the Jewish soul hewn "from beneath the throne of glory" to the physical world, the lowest of the worlds.

The 385,000 kilometer flight from Earth to the moon is a normal rocket flight. In contrast, the descent of a soul from a state of being "bound in the bond of life of G - d" is a series of contradictions followed by an instantaneous drop into the physical material world where the Divine truth is concealed, to the point that it is possible for humans to transgress G - d's will. The descent of the soul is greater and more powerful in quality that the rocket flight from Earth to the moon or other planets.

Only G - d has the strength to send down a soul. Many spiritual forces are invested in descent of a soul to Earth, with no effort on our part. Everything must be carried out smoothly so a certain soul will enter a certain body precisely at the right time and place in order to enable the soul's fulfillment of its assigned task, to make this world a "tabernacle" and "temple of G - d".

A soul is sent to Earth in order to fulfill a well - defined goal. Even in days and hours given to it are precisely no less and no more than what is demanded of it to fulfill its assignment on Earth. The soul "descents for the purpose of ascending" in order to draw close to G - d - "the spirit returns to G - d who gave it".

All we have to do is to "push" the right buttons of the heart and mind by putting on Tefillin and wearing Zizit (ritual fringes) - for men - and excelling in Mitzvot (laws). The Holy One who sits on high will direct us through His control panel in the way He deems best.



"B'Or HaTorah" scientific magazine from 1999

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