Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Key on the Challah


Last Shabbat I was invited in Mea Shearim where my hosts told me about a special custom in chassidic circles taking place on the Shabbat after Pessach:

When the Challot (Shabbat bread) is baked, a separate piece of dough is formed into a key shape and put on top of a Challah. The key represents an opening for the "Gate of Income" for another year.

I had never heard about this kind of custom before and my host was very proud presenting me the key on top of the Challah.

By the way, the key is being eaten in the end.


  1. See ASJ
    for more on Shlisel Challah

  2. I have heard of the concept of the schlissel challeh for helping parnosa. However, I was reading about it when also was mentioned the "Gelle Matzo". Do you know what that means?

  3. B"H

    Thank you so much for the link !!!!