Saturday, April 3, 2010

The last Days


Tomorrow (Sunday) night is THE celebration night in chassidic circles ! The Crossing of the Red Sea and some chassidic groups have great customs taking place very late at night. I am invited to Mea Shearim tomorrow night and will explain more about the custom after Pessach is over.

Last night I went to another Chabad Synagogue in downtown Tel Aviv and didn't like it. The service was fine but the women at the Ezrat Nashim were just terrible. Either totally Chabad (serious Meshiach look, sorry) or Hippie (Carlebach like). It reminded me of "Kol Rina" in Jerusalem's Nachlaot neighbourhood.
I decided not to go to this particular Chabad Synagogue anymore and found a more serious place in Bugrashov Street. Chassidic - litvish and a few national religious. Otherwise I should really take a walk to Kikar HaMedinah further north and either go to Sadigura or Koznitz.

Tomorrow is only half a day; just like a Friday before Shabbat and shops close earlier. I will be heading back to Jerusalem in order to clean up the mess from the construction work at the bakery. Hopefully together with some other people. On Mozzaei Chag (Monday night) I will be traveling to Tel Aviv and the next day take the bus back to Jerusalem.
Next week Israel is commemorating the Holocaust victims on the "Yom HaShoa - Holocaust Remembrance Day".

Have another few more great days of Pessach !

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