Thursday, April 1, 2010

German - Jewish Soldiers in Metz (France) in 1870

Photo: Fishburnbooks / Museum Eretz Israel Tel Aviv


This fabric print (curtain ?) caught my eye when I was visiting the "Eretz Israel Museum" yesterday. The pictures shows German - Jewish soldiers fighting against France (1870 / 1871) but holding a Yom Kippur Service.

The "Eretz Israel Museum" has lots of parks around its buildings. Even a planetarium which was, unfortunately, closed. The above fabric print is being exhibited in the  Folklore Pavillon located in one of the parks. Jewish German soldiers fighting for German during the war in 1870. The same during the First World War and look what happened years later. German Jews have always tried to be so terribly German and even better Germans than the Germans themselves but despite all kinds of assimilation approaches, when it comes to certain situations, Jews always remain Jews. No matter what, the Gentile will never stop reminding us ...

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