Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mossad & Facebook


I have been reading the book "The Volunteer" written by the former Mossad agent "Michael Ross". The author's name is a synonym and not his real name and even the story is mostly a fake.

I bought the book a few months ago because I got it for 20 Shekels (approx. 4 Dollar) from the Israeli bookstore chain "Steimatzky". They dumped all those books no one wanted to buy; otherwise I wouldn't have bought the book. Agents are not my thing and I don't care about Mossad and any kinds of secret services unless it has something to do with the haredi world.

I started reading Michael Ross' (or whatever his real name is) book. He obviously is Canadian, was a born Christian, came to Israel and converted to Judaism. I wouldn't say that he cares too much about religion but I am too sick of listening to people's conversion crap; to people why lie and are not serious at all.
However, Michael Ross joined the army later on and married an Israeli woman. The Mossad contacted him and he decided to join. In his book he describes in a rather boring way how him and another guy traveled through the Arab world in order to spy around.

Internet comments on the book say that Ross didn't ask the Mossad for permission to publish his book. Furthermore, Ross makes false claims by saying that he traveled to Iran, rented a car and hid dust from different Iranian locations in his shoes in order to prove that the Iranians produce atomic weapons.

Eventually Ross quit the Mossad (after 13 years) because he wasn't promoted and always remained a little slave. Apparently he wanted to earn the big money with the book but failed as well. The book is garbage and anyone planning to buy it should stay away. Any dollar supporting an ambitious looser faking his way through is a total waste.

The second book I bought in the sales is "The Accidental Billionaires" by Ben Mezritch. The book describes the Facebook history. How Mark Zuckerberg "stole" his way through the company and got suit by his former Harvard friends. The book is full of information and definitely better than the Mossad looser story.

It is an amazing how today's businessmen and entrepreneurs cheat their way on top without any conscience. Just money and reputation counts.

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