Monday, April 26, 2010

Vishnitzer Rebbe against "HaMevaser" and "HaModiah"


The Vishnitzer Rebbe (Bnei Brak), Rabbi Israel Hager, said in a recent speech that Yeshiva students should not bother reading the daily haredi newspapers. Then he added: "Such as "HaMevaser" and "HaModiah". Further should a Yeshiva student refrain from possessing a cellphone.
All this would not help the student's soul (Neshama).

The hightech as well as the social networking world has long reached the haredi world. And it is especially Haredim I see walking around in Jerusalem and using the most modern cellphones. No matter who. Even the Toldot Aharon women.

In a way, Rebbe Hager is right but who is able to refrain from all this today ? No question that one doesn't need to bother with the "HaModiah" but Yeshiva students have their own little secret sources.

After his speech, the audience wished the Rebbe a "Mazal Tov" to his 65th birthday.

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