Thursday, April 1, 2010

Old / New anti - Semitism


For many years, the "Diaspora Museum" in Tel Aviv has been exhibiting these two statues. Statues from many centuries ago but still more than up - to- date. Christianity (left) is looking down on Judaism (right). The thought is that if Judaism would give itself up and only accept Christianity, it would be prosperous and succeeding. If not, it will always be somewhere on the bottom.

This is how various Christians think; especially now around Easter when they celebrate their false "Meshiach". They are not even ashamed of yelling at Jews passing through the Arab Quarter (on their way to the Western Wall, Kotel). Two years ago, me and some other Jews passed a church while doing a tour through the Arab Quarter in Jerusalem's Old City and some Christians got mad by seeing us.

What is different from the Middle Ages ? It looks like the Inquisition is still alive.
Nevertheless, Christianity and its false "Meshiach" will never win over Judaism and, in particular, not over the Torah and G - d.

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