Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Arab Knesset member is planning to demonstrate in Zfat (Safed)


The female Arab Knesset member Hanin Zoabi is not afraid of anything what could possibly harm the Jewish people. In June she participated in the Flotilla violence against Israeli soldiers. She was almost thrown out of the Knesset and I don't understand why, in the end, this didn't happen. Apparently our weak corrupt government didn't have the guts. Zoabi is still in the Knesset and spreading her hatred all over the world.

Just a few days ago I wrote about the dispute between Jews and Arabs in the northern town of Zfat (Safed). A few weeks ago, even some violence took place when Arab youth living in Zfat threw stones and bottles at some religious Jews in the old city.

Zfat has a small university called "Zfat Academy" where the majority of students is Arab. Arab youth from the villages around Zfat. Some time ago, Jewish landlords from Zfat started renting out apartments to Arab students and thus have caused the anger of the Jewish neighbours. An entire house was just made "Judenrein". Meaning, all Jewish inhabitants were told to leave. Afterwards only Arab students are supposed to move in.

The Arabs don't only populate the old city of Zfat but also new and entire Jewish neighbourhoods like Canaan. Just recently, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the Chief Rabbi of Zfat, made a Cherem (ban) against Jewish landlords renting out their property to Arabs.
Especially the old city is populated by religious Jews. The majority of them are Haredim. Chabad and Breslov are very big in Zfat. However, also chassidic groups such as Karlin - Stolin, Zanz, Kossov, Lelov, Gur, Vishnitz or Chernobyl are around.

Some people living in Zfat told me that the Arabs are bothering their Jewish neighbours. They turn on loud music. Especially on Shabbat. They drive around in cars and scream sexual curses at Jewish teenage girls. Furthermore, there has been an increase of intermarriage between Jews and Arabs. Young religious girls who are having difficulties finding their place in haredi society think that escaping with their Arab boyfriend into an Arab village would be a solution. In most cases, the opposite is the case. Once a Jewish woman is married to an Arab and settles with him in his village, the Arab starts showing his true face. Beatings and all kinds of violence are nothing unusual.

A female Zfat inhabitant told me something positive about the Arabs living in town:
Those Arabs would be educated and they also spend lots of money in town. Shopkeepers make business when the Arabs come and buy. In other word, the Arabs may be good for the economy.

Now the fanatic Israel hater Hanin Zoabi wants to come to Zfat and demonstrate her support for the Arab population. I am sure that, in case she is really showing up, will put more fuel into the fights. I bet she is going to schlepp in the international press in order to tell them how racist the Jews of Zfat are.

To me it looks like the Arabs want to take over Zfat.

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  1. The traitor Zoabi needs to have her citizenship revoked. She belongs in Gaza, but will never go there because she would not get the same rights and freedoms she has in Israel. What the hell is wrong with the Israeli government??

  2. B"H

    Israel's government is too liberal and sometimes stupid.
    That's the answer why Zoabi is still running around in the Knesset although she hates Israel.

    To Gaza ?
    She would never go there. Do you see her covering herself in an Islamic way ? She is too modern and the Hamas would probably drown her in the sea.