Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The embracing community life of Zfat (Safed)


I have never seen this before. Not even in Jerusalem. 
A new person is moving into a small town such as Zfat (Safed) in northern Israel, the person gets to know some people, finds a place to live and already those people she got to know, refer the person to others. "Ah, you are going to live there and there ? Okay, I know this and that person also living there. You know what: Why don't you phone up so and so and they will take you to classes or a Synagogue ?" 

This way you find friends in Zfat when you are really looking for a community life. Not only with Chabad but also with further Orthodox or even chassidic communities. I once went to the famous cemetery of Zfat and had a Breslover woman talking to me inviting me to her community. 

After making Aliyah to Israel, one of the most important things for you is "finding new friends". In most cases you start with those speaking your language and maybe identify with your mentality. Thus, the small town of Zfat is just perfect for frum English speakers although the crcumstances around are not too perfect. Flats are relatively cheap and available but jobs are more than rare. However, you will not be too long without new friends.

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