Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is the SCOTTISH HOTEL in Tiberias involved in Christian Missionary Activities ?


Rabbi Raphael Cohen from the religious council in Tiberias said that, about a week ago, the local Scottish Hotel phoned him up in order to ask for a Te'udat Hechsher (kosher certificate). The Rabbi refused because employees from the hotel had told him about certain missionary activities taking place at the hotel. 

The Scottish Hotel is, as far as I know, of Christian background. A nice old building and rather expensive. However, a leading manager of the hotel responded that there are no missionary activities going on and that the hotel has never phoned up Rabbi Cohen in order to ask for a kosher certificate.

Everyone can make up his own opinion. Nevertheless, there are enough Jewish and especially kosher places in Tiberias and thus there is no reason for a Jew to stay only at the Scottish Hotel.

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