Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good and bad News about African Refugees in Israel


Ynet has some good news about an African refugee living in Israel. The guy studying and getting higher education is a big exception in our country.
Thousands of  Africans from Nigeria, Sudan, Kenia or Eritrea have been infiltrating into Israel. Illegally crossing the border from Egypt to Israel. Every day, about 70 new illegal Africans are arriving in Israel. Some of them are caught by Israel's border police and imprisoned. However, the majority of Africans infiltrates and moves to Eilat, Ashdod, Arad or Tel Aviv. 

Eilat, located at the Red Sea, is a tourist place and most of the Africans find cleaning jobs in the hotel industry. Illegal and without any rights. Israeli employers just use their cheap labour but the Africans are happy to have a job. 

Most Africans settle in Tel Aviv where they can easily escape from the immigration police. They live around the Central Bus Station. Some of them work as cleaners but many of them are involved in crime. Stealing, drug dealing and I saw a young African being the "boss" of an Israeli prostitute (a teenage drug addict). 

Israel's government wants to build a wall around the Egyptian border in order to keep the Africans out. So far, nothing is happening and I don't think that there will be anything happening. Eilat's hotels have already threatened the government by saying that if the Africans are getting deported, they are going to close down the hotels. Why ?
Because Israeli hotel managers don't want to deal with Israeli workers and prefer the cheap African labour. Foreign workers, no matter, whether from the Philippines or Africa, has become a huge economy of its own and too many Israeli celebreties are involved. Tel Aviv's rich don't want to live without a Philippina cleaner anymore. Hotels, beaches and restaurant rely on African cleaners. Israeli and Palestinian workers have rights and demand at least a minimum wage. Africans don't care and even work for 10 Shekels (3 Dollar) per hour. The hotel industry in Eilat and at the Dead Sea totally relies on African workers. Israelis are not wanted anymore.

The question is how long the Israeli government wants to continue passively helping the Africans to infiltrate. Are we Jews soon going to be a minority in our won country ? A quarter of Tel Aviv's population already consists of foreign workers.  
Unfortunately, foreign worker children have been accepted into the army ? Guys from Kenia or Nigeria are already serving in the IDF. I don't know about you but to me this sounds like a nightmare ! 

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  1. It isn't just Tel Aviv and Eilat. Jerusalem is also being flooded. The area around the shuk is spreading into Nachlaot. One must be careful if you go out after dark. On more than one occasion I have been harassed by drunk and high africans. I suspect they are illegal because they mostly come out at night. It is only a matter of time before someone is attacked--and nothing is done. I say ship them all to the rich areas and let them suffer what the rest of us do!