Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Chaim Amsellem" - SHAS' enfant terrible is a voice of haredi sanity


Photo: Knesset

Not only the LIKUD has its rebels but also the Sephardi haredi SHASS party under its spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef and its head, the Minister of the Interior, Eli Yishai. For quite a while not, the SHASS Knesset member Chaim Amsellem has been criticizing its party. Among many other issues, he claims that Haredim who do not really study Torah and are basically hanging around and killing time should move their "behind" to work. It cannot be that so many Haredim are not even studying Torah but spending their days with waiting for the welfare to pay them. Furthermore, Chaim Amsellem criticizes the haredi education system. Haredim should get an education and use their brain and not sit around like a dummy.

SHASS members close to Rabbi Yosef said that the Rabbi was crying yesterday, when he heard about the claims of Chaim Amsellem. SHASS wants the rebel to resign but Amsellem refuses and is even thinking about founding his own party.

I do have to admit that Amsellem has made many good points and I have heard him several times on a haredi radio channel. I have seen too many young Haredim just hanging around not knowing how to spend their day. Only the day before yesterday, I saw a young Haredi at the municipality library in Tiberias sitting on a chair and reading through secular novels. 

Read about the SHASS scandal in HAARETZ !

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