Monday, November 29, 2010

The Oracle of Delphi


Rabbi Yitzchak Ginzburgh states in his book "Turning Darkness into Light" that secular Jews define their goal in life like this:

"Find yourself" or "I have to find myself, know who I am and then I will find constant pleasure".

The Rabbi explains that the words "Find yourself" were actually engraved in the hall of the famous ancient Greek "Oracle of Delphi".

The Jewish way of life was defined by David HaMelech (King David) when he spoke to his son Shlomo (Salomon) shortly before he died:

"Know your G - d, your father, and serve Him with all your heart and soul".

Know in front of whom you are standing !

All of us were created by G - d and each of us has his specific mission in life only he is able to fulfill. However, our common main goal in life is to be aware of G - d. To know that there is a creator. ONE eternal G - d ruling the entire universe. Every human being should be aware of the infinite presence of G - d.

I always have problems when I read that we should mostly forget about our needs and desires but serve G - d. There is no question that there is a G - d but, without being too selfish (hopefully) each one of us has a personality. Not everyone can just jump into the Mitzvot and nullify himself (Self - nullification is a Chabad concept mentioned in the Book of Tanya).

Am I already selfish when I still want to find out who I am and how I can be happy with myself ?

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