Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Germans favouring Israeli gay Singer but ignore Judaism

Gay Teddy bears


The Israeli Embassy located in Germany is one of my friends on Facebook and what they usually do is publishing important news from Israel. Yesterday the embassy spread the news that Israel's famous gay pop singer Ivri Lider is winning an international award.

The Germans got really excited about the message on Facebook, as some philosemites love anything coming from Israel. You can be a piece of garbage but as soon as you tell these philosemites that your are from Israel, they embrace you wildly. No matter how bad you smell.:-)))

However, I criticised the Facebook message spread by the Israeli Embassy in Berlin by saying that Israel shouldn't be proud of a gay singer, as there are more important and especially normal people to be proud of.

I foresaw the reaction of the German philosemites and, of course, found lots of criticism. I am only referring to Germans here because I don't know about other countries:
Those Germans who are not pro - Palestinian identify with Israel. For several reasons but, however, there are those who are really sticking to Israel and anything Jewish like glue. Not in order to missionize Jews but to just admire them due to a psycho - like Holocaust guilt feeling.

Two Facebook reactions did surprise me:
A woman, I don't know if Jewish or not but living in Germany wrote that when I criticise gay Ivri Lider, I cannot be from Tel Aviv.

I find this statement rather stupid, as not every Tel Aviv inhabitants is naturally so terribly tolerant to embrace the gays. In fact many people from Tel Aviv don't agree with the unlimited freedom in their city at all. And, I did live in Tel Aviv.

Another comment came from a gay guy from Norway. Not Jewish and ignoring the Jewish religion totally. The worst was that he, as a homosexual, compared my anti - gay opinion to the Nazis killing gays. Actually he claimed that Jews should be more tolerant because they were killed in the camps and so were the gays.

The Norwegian comment is one of the worst statements I have had in my life. A comparison between gay "suffering" and the Jewish Holocaust. This is just outrageous but shows us how wide parts of the Gentile world ignores Judaism and those Jews sticking to it. Germans love the Jews to shut up and assimilate. Jews involved in culture and some Martin Buber but no real frum Jews. No Chabad and no Haredim at all but only assimilation.

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