Monday, November 29, 2010

Writing a Biography


So, here I am writing a book about a person I have never met in my life. In fact, I have only found out about the person approximately two months ago. The person is female and used to be quite well - known 50, 60 years ago. After she retired and became ill, no one seemed to have cared too much about her. Once you are not famous anymore but sitting in an old age home without children or any other family members, you may be lonely. Lonely and start thinking about your life. What you have accomplished or thought you did. However, suddenly you realize that all the former fame was just artificial and vanished. Then it is time to bring out your true personality and start dealing with life how it is.

Someone told me recently that I have no idea what an elderly person sitting in an old age home thinks about life. Maybe they don't regret their actions and don't see their former fame as a wasted time in life. They know that those days are over but are now ready to start something new, something more meaningful and spiritual.

Seems like I have to learn a lot. They main issue at the moment is doing research, and this research is a lot of fun. Putting together a puzzle. Slowly, slowly and layer by layer although some people tell me that all witnesses are dead and therefore I won't find anything.
The very interesting point is that the topic makes you think about your own life.

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