Thursday, November 11, 2010

Schedule for the Dona Gracia Festival in Tiberias


Exactly 500 years ago, the famous Dona Gracia Mendes was born in Portugal and the Israeli town of Tiberias is going to celebrate its "Dona Gracia Festival". Dona Gracia herself has never been to Tiberias but succeeded in convincing the Turkish Sultan to let the Jews from Europe escape the Inquisition and have a place to settle in Tiberias. However, the plan never became reality, as Dona Gracia passed away.

On top of the page you can find the schedule for many events taking place during the four days of the festival. If you don't intend investing any money, come to Tiberias on Tuesday (16 November 2010). Then all performances will be without charge. Location: The promenade (Tayelet) at the Sea od Galilee (Kinneret).


The Dona Gracia Festival in Tiberias

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