Thursday, June 16, 2011

Breslover Nana Music


The message of the Breslover Nanas in this video is: "Rak Lismoach kol Hazman veMechayech - Be happy all the time and smile !" Even if you are sad or depressed try to smile and be happy and eventually you may be happy.

The Nanas (Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman and followers of Rabbi Israel Odesser z"l) are a little neglected and seen as the hippies of the Breslov movement. The original Breslovers consider anyone from the outside and pretending to be a Breslover Chassid as not acceptable. However, the Nanas are around everywhere and still singing their Mantra "Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman".


  1. This is in accordance with famous saying from Rebbe Nachman: "Mitzvah Gedola Lihiyot B'Simcha Tamid - It's an immportant Mitzvah to be always joyous."

    It's in fact one of the cores and fondamentals of what Chasidus is all about. Yhis is why I'm depressed and amazed to see all those chasidim who are "too serious", and who never smile, while chasidus asks for a constant state of joy and happiness, despite all the challenges and difficulties of life, because "Ein Od Milvado". There is in fact nothing but G-d in this world. Even challenges are from Him, nothing bad or good is separated from Him, and thus we should be glad to have been given the capability to confront and overcome them. A chosid shoul never be downhearted. To reach that state of constant joy and happiness is more easy than people may think.

    On the other hand, to be joyous is not all. And this is what we may reproach to those Nanachs. Chasidus also requires to be a Torah scholar and to behave in a distinguished way, with high standards.

    Do you know what happen if you spend too much time and days among prostitutes? Even if you are a Rabbi, you are likely to fall. This is what happen with those Nanachs. They spend too much time among disilusioned people, drug addicts, criminals, etc., and it has very bad effect on the NEW generation of Nanachs. I have read and personnaly heard plenty of stories about parents complaining about the behaviour of their children once they became Nanachs. And unfortunately, taking drug is very common in their circles. There is almost no doubt about that. This is not chasidus in its purity.

  2. B"H

    On the other hand, the Nanas are quite popular among secular Israelis. Many because they show that one can be frum but still listen to Techno music and just be happy. The Nanas don't yell at anyone when he is not too religious or dressed modestly but just accept him. At least when they give their shows.:-)

    The same with Chabad, by the way. The Shlichim accept avery Jew coming and this is making a great impression on Jews who usually don't have anything to do with religion.

    Then the seculars see certain Haredim in Mea Shearim or Bnei Brak yelling at them and trying to make them (the seculars) behaving according to their (the Haredim) rules. And this is not too appreciated.:-)

  3. B"H

    Regarding parents of Ba'alei Teshuva:

    I am having a lot to say about this subject but must add that also other parents (not only the one's whose kids became Nanas) are complaining.

  4. "The same with Chabad, by the way. The Shlichim accept avery Jew coming and this is making a great impression on Jews who usually don't have anything to do with religion. "

    Yes, but even about acceptance, there are some limits. I can tell you that recently, there are some high standard Lubavitchers who are asking questions about some money donors and some guest speakers invited in some Chabad houses, and who are known publicly for commiting some sins my mouth would never dare pronouncing. There are indeed some limits. The end does not justifies the means. The acceptance is based on a supposition than the guy is not a public sinner. Eventhough you know that the guy is a sinner, but does his things in private, you don't have to investigate his private life. That's the reason why every one can receive an aliyah to the Torah on Shabbos, eventhough we know there are not Torah observant. BUT, once it is known publicly by all that such and such guy is used to commit such and such sin, that the money he gives to the Beis Chabad comes from "adult" movies he produces, such guy should NEVER be honored by an aliyah to the Torah and no other honor,a nd it's a huge chillul hashem to honor such people. So, we cannot close our eyes and be acceptant of anybody. The problem is that on Ahavas Yisroel's sake, some shluchim are used to accept, invite and honor anybody, even people known for their immoral activities, because they finacially contribute to their Beis Chabad. This is what I mean when I say, "When you are too close to prostitutes, you are likely to fall". I'm not talking about the average non-religious zionist who does not even know what is a Shabbos candle, as most Poskim agree that we should consider secular zionists as having been "kidnapped" from their birth. In other words, the fact that they are nor religious and have no idea of what Judaism is, is not their falt, but the falt of the chiloni education they received from birth by their parents, as when Jews hidden in X-tian orphanage during the war embraced X-tianity, not by choice, but because priests hid them the fact that they were Jewish or converted them by force. We consider them "kidnapped" and should treat them love, acceptance and patience. But it does not apply to everybody, and obviously not when you are a known public sinner.