Thursday, June 16, 2011



The famous former Gerrer (Gur) Rebbe, the SEFAT EMET, sees a metaphor in Moshe sending the spies (Meraglim) to Canaan. He compares the spies with the soul or a human being sent into this physical world where he has to pass different tests and follow G – d’s rules. Moshe provided the spies with specific instructions on what to look for.

The same in our physical world. G – d gave each of us a special task to fulfill and we should try fulfilling it without stressing our weaknesses, excuses and laziness. 

If the Sefat Emet is only referring to the Torah Mitzvot, it is an easy task defining our task in life. Moreover, each of us has a different task in life. Also due to various individual potentials and abilities. It can be a real problem sometimes not to know what one’s task in life is.

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