Sunday, June 26, 2011

"SISALEK" Ice - Cream in Ge'ulah / Jerusalem

Photo: Miriam Woelke

A few days before Pessach, I bought an ice - cream at Jerusalem's haredi ice - cream store SISALEK in Ge'ulah / near Mea Shearim. The price for one ball is rather high but I liked my milchig date ice - cream.

SISALEK has a milchig and a parveh counter but not too many Haredim from the neighbourhood buy at the store. A "Rabbi Rubin" Hechsher is hanging in the window and Rabbi Rubin is not too accepted among various haredi groups and directions. Chassidut Belz, for instance, is stricly against Rabbi Rubin Hechsherim and doesn't come near such products. The Edah HaCharedit, at the nearby Kikar Shabbat, has its own standards anyway.

For whatever reason, and I am a little surprised about it, SISALEK decided to stick with Rabbi Rubin.


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