Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Christians are not welcomed in Meron !


Is goes without saying that MERON is a JEWISH place where the grave of the famous Tanna Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai is located. Despite the fact that Rabbi Shimon had nothing to do with Christianity or any other idol - worship religion, the Israeli government has been offering Meron including the site of the Kever to Christian tourists. Moreover, Jewish visitors to Rabbi Shimon's Kever have been complaining about secular and Gentile Kabbalah studies near Meron.

I don't understand what Christians and secular Jews are thinking: If you really want to show any honest Kavod to Rabbi Shimon and his teachings, you would never behave in such a way. Furthermore, I don't get it what Christians have to do with a JEWISH Rabbi, Tanna and Scholar.

Christian tourists groups in Meron ?
This would be a real disgrace of a Jewish site !

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