Sunday, June 26, 2011

The latest Neturei Karta Campaign: "Don't divide Jerusalem !"


Many Israelis are fighting for a united Jerusalem and are against any plans of our present government and American Hussein Obama to divide Jerusalem. Turning East Jerusalem into the capital "Al Kuds" of Palestine.

Nevertheless, the anti - Zionist NETUREI KARTA started its own campaign against a Jerusalem split into two parts. The NK wants ONE united Jerusalem under PALESTINIAN rule.

Dear Neturei Karta members !
For how long are you planning to live under Palestinian rule ? As history shows, Jerusalem has been full of pogroms in the past and the Palestinians may cut your throat too. Then what ?


  1. Sometimes I wonder if they are really serious in their endeavor or if it just a game whose goal is to be hated by their fellow Jews.

    Just see how the Hamas treat their fellow brothers in Gaza (almost weekly executions, no freedom of speech, the sharia-like state, etc.) and you have an accurate idea of what await the Jews once they will rule the Land.

    If they are already so cruel with their own people, what will prevent them to be more cruel with Jews?

  2. B"H

    I think that the NK is just looking for PR.

  3. The NK is a small group of mentally disturbed idiots who make a lot of noise and get a lot of publicity. In these times when "hate for Israel" is considered "cool" publicity is easy to come by. Sadly they make all Jews look bad. I have no doubt that they would be the very first to have their throats cut if the Isalmists ever gain control.