Thursday, June 23, 2011

Israel's Cottage Cheese Rebellion

Photo: Miriam Woelke

It was a Haredi from Bnei Brak starting the Israeli rebellion against the manufacturers of cottage and white cheese. Especially cottage cheese is extremely popular in this country and children just grow up with the famous cheese. 

Until a few years ago, a plastic box with cottage could be purchased for 3 and something Shekels. Less than one US Dollar. Today, most supermarkets ask for almost 8 Shekels (almost 3 Dollar). Please consider that the prices for food and groceries have been going up constantly but, on the other hand, ordinary wages have remained the same. Especially religious families with many children as well as Israelis with a low income are suffering from the price increases and many households have to get along with less food than two or three years ago. 

Some Facebook Groups against the price increase of cottage and white cheese have been launched and Israelis jumped on them. "Let's boycott the cottage cheese !" and believe it or not, for the first time, a Facebook group may cause a change. The cottage producers admitted that they may have made a mistake and will think about a price reduction. As far as I know, the supermarket chain "Rami Levi" is offering the cheapest cottage at the moment.

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