Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thoughts on Parashat NASSO

Photo: Mark Rothko


The Midrash Tanchuma is telling us the following story in regard of this week's Torah Parasha NASSO:

There was an incident involving two sisters who resembled each other. One of them was married (and lived) in one town, and the other one was married (and lived) in another town. The husband of one of them wanted to warn her (against secluding herself with another man) and to have her drink the bitter waters in Jerusalem. She went to the town where her sister lived. Her sister said to her, "Why did you come here ?" She answered, "My wants to have me drink the bitter waters". The sister said, "I will go and drink instead of you".

She answered, "Go !" Her sister put on her clothes and went instead of her. She drank the bitter waters, was founded innocent, and went back to her sister's house. Her sister went out to greet her joyfully. She hugged her, and kissed her on the mouth. When they kissed, (the sister who was suspected by her husband) smelled the bitter waters, and died immediately, in fulfillment of that which it says, "Man is not in control of the wind, to be able to confine the wind, and he has no authority on the day of death. There is no substitution in war, nor does evil escape him to whom it belongs". (Ecclesiastes / Kohelet 8:8)

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