Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rabbi Mordechai Machlis shows the diversity of Jerusalem

Rabbi Mordechai Machlis from Jerusalem is showing us the city's diversity. I just saw that I also appear in that video for about two or three seconds.


  1. If you appear in the video, I won't watch it, for the simple reason that I prefer to let my imagination guess what you could possibly look like.

    Here is an anecdote. There is a Jewish radio station in Brussels (Belgium). The news are presented by a woman. For those who strickly adhere to the Halacha, as we do, we can listen to a woman's voice on a radio only if we don't know the woman and what she looks like. So, it was OK to listen to her presenting the news. So, based on her voice, there were some among us who were trying to figure how she looks like. There were many different opinions expressed. Last year, one of my Rabbis was invited by the radio to talk about chasidus in Belgium, and more specifically, Chabad ideology and presence in Belgium. When he arrived at the radio station, he was received by a woman, she gave him her name and told him that she was the one who will interview him. It appeared that the name she gave was the name of the woman who presents the news. We were all wrong concerning her look: she was a tall black Jewish woman (her mother is a Sephardic Jewish woman, and her father is a black convert). When the Rabbi told her about our "game", she was laughting. Who could have guessed that the woman we were used to hear at the radio everyday for the news was a black Jewish woman?!

  2. B"H

    I am tall but, I swear, I am not black but white. My father was German and my mother came from Poland. They were both white and no one has ever been black in our family.:-)