Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fanatic Christians at the "Jerusalem Parade"


Last week's "Jerusalem Parade" started with some soldiers marching. Then we saw the local fire department, Mayor Nir Barkat, different Israeli companies as well as some youth groups. So far to the Israeli participation of the Jerusalem Parade because afterwards we only saw Christians from all over the world.
When you spoke to the Jewish bystanders you were told that those Christians are demonstrating in favour of Israel. But is this really the case ?
For many years, Israel's anti - missionary organization "Yad Le'Achim" as well as many haredi Rabbis have been warning neither to participate in the parade nor to watch it.  The "International Christian Embassy" located in Jerusalem's Katamon neighbourhood would only follow one purpose: Missionizing the Jews.

In previous years, the marching Christians were handing out flyers with missionary content. Furthermore they handed out candies to Jewish children. Candies with crosses and other missionary content. Moreover they were carrying missionary posters at the parade but now they are not allowed to carry any posters with missionary content. However, many Christian at last week's march did carry banners. Despite their carefully chosen quotes from the Prophetes, the message was clear.

Mayor Nir Barkat (in the middle) was one of the first marching. He was in a hurry because the new Jerusalem tram (not yet officially active) was waiting for him at Jaffa Road. The Jerusalemites loved seeing their tram and almost forgot about the marching Christians. 

The new tram Jaffa Road.
However, it will take more time until the tram is finally running.

Here come the missionary Christians !

A Christian idea called "Grafted".
Meaning something like: The Jews are not the Chosen People anymore but the Christians are taking over. Now G - d would have chosen the Christians and they are ready to take over Israel.

Don't ask me for any details on this schizophrenic idea ! 

What was really bothering was that the Christian participants always tried touching us Jews. Many of them constantly repeated:
"We love Israel !"
But no one said: "We love the Jews !".
They love Israel but without the Jews and Arabs.

Part of the German delegation.

Vicious idol - worship in the streets of Jerusalem.

Some religious Jews told me that there is a feeling in the air that all those marching Christians are not honest. Something is just wrong and you can feel it !

Actually I did ask myself whether anyone of those marching Christians may be honest and not just think of missionizing the Jews. I came to the conclusion that whoever is participating in an event of the "International Christian Embassy" and its anti - Semitic mission must face reality and either distance himself or be identified with the evil purpose of the embassy.

A disgrace for our Jewish country: Fanatic Christians are even running around in the Knesset ! See HERE !

Photos: Miriam Woelke


  1. "Meaning something like: The Jews are not the Chosen People anymore but the Christians are taking over. Now G - d would have chosen the Christians and they are ready to take over Israel."

    This couldn't be further from the truth. What you are describing here is called "Replacement Theology" and this is an extremely rejected idea by the ICEJ! We do NOT believe at all that the Jews have been replaced by the Christians as G-d's chosen people. ICEJ actively campaigns against that and the words "We love Israel" is synonymous with "We love the Jewish people". :)

    The main message of the march from ICEJ's perspective is not (absolutely not!) to missionize the jews - no! It is to say that we stand with you in a world where everyone else seems to be against you. We are standing up for your people in our own nations, and we are standing with you. It is to express our friendship with you, not to 'missionize' you. :)

    I think you've very much misunderstood.

  2. B"H

    I have very much understood your message ! Including your "grafted" site !

    What you rather should do as Gentiles:
    Look into the Seven Noachide Laws, as this is your task in this world !

  3. To anonymous xtian: If what you claim is true then why do you target youths and seniors to come to your way? If you really loved the Jewish people you would respect our right to retain our faith and put out a message to all you people not to try and make conversions. But you do not do that--you steal the souls of the vulnerable and you use underhanded means to enter our country and establish yourself. Israel is the only space in the world that we have and we are small in number--your trying to move in, convert and intermarry destroys us just as surely as the bombs of the arabs--the only difference is the arabs at least are honest about their intentions.