Tuesday, May 29, 2012

After the holiday

Downtown Jerusalem / Agrippas Street at Night

Photo: Miriam Woelke


Shabbat and Shavuot are over and already yesterday, I underwent a CT - scan regarding my injured meniscus. Next week I am getting the results and obviously all kinds of treatments. Until then I have time moving into a new apartment. Despite some painful moments, I am able to walk around and even travel. I am not that handicapped yet, Baruch Hashem.:-)

After far more than a year, me and a friend went to a Shabbat meal at Rabbi Mordechai Machlis here in Jerusalem. It was agreat event and so different from the Tel Aviv Shabbat atmosphere. If there is any at all.:-) The walk through Mea Shearim was so nice. Warm weather and hundreds of haredi families were going for a walk. The only negative point was that Jews cannot take pictures on Shabbat. Otherwise I could provide some great photos. 

On Shavuot I was basically resting a lot due to my leg. Furthermore I was worried about the scan and injections. So, my holiday wasn't that spiritual at all.:-) 

However, I am going back to Mea Shearim today in order to take some photos. The American haredi congress against the Internet has reached haredi society in Jerusalem. Mea Shearim and the nearby Ge'ulah neighbourhood are full of Pashkevilim against the Internet saying that Haredim would just get lost or even disappear into Facebook or iPhone. Various Rabbis claim to protect Yiddishkeit for the future generations but everyone should mention that the Internet is not only negative but has many positive aspects.

I am going to take pictures of a few Pashkevilim and you can judge yourself.

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