Monday, May 21, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg’s Intermarriage


For those among you who don’t know yet: These days, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg married Priscilla Chan. The sad fact behind the story is that Chinese – American Priscilla Chan is NOT Jewish. With Zuckerberg marrying a Schickse, another Jewish generation is being lost. 

Unfortunately, Zuckerberg is not alone, as Intermarriage is very common among Diaspora Jews. Throughout the year and centuries, countless Jewish generations have been lost because various Jews couldn’t keep their shorts together. Although Intermarriage is also a topic in Israel, most Israeli youth support marrying a Jew. 

Mark Zuckerberg is not a positive example for American Jewry and his Jewish line is going to end with him. 


Jewish and Gentile souls do not go together


  1. B"H

    The sad thing about it all is that Mark openly says he is an atheist.

    Intermarriage is a BIG issue for us all to be concerned about. How common is it these days for Jews in Hollywood to marry out. Look at Sacha Baron Cohen. He married a non Jew who supposedly converted.

    It is highly unlikely that the Charedi community is facing issues with intermarriage. More so having the adequate infrastructure in place for more apartments and schools.

    Should we not be concerned with the rapid increase in non Orthodox Gerus being done?

  2. Another generation lost? He claims to be an atheist, that alone means Great Maker, Torah, holidays, and other traditions are now secular (and/or commercial). He gave up first, then he married a shikse.

    The real question is whether or not we should look at his marriage as valid. Or when a Jewish woman married a goy. Is the marriage legitimately called a "marriage" under Jewish law? Or because it breaks the law, it's not a real marriage?

    I'm against intermarriage.

  3. B"H

    Even his Wikipedia mentions that Zuckerberg is an atheist. Nevertheless, if he hadn't intermarried, at least his kids would have been Jewish. Mo matter if their parents keep kosher, Shabbat or any Jewish values. But now his potential kids will be total Goyim and nothing his left from his Jewish line.

    I don't understand how, as a Jew, one can marry a Chinese or Philippina.

  4. If someone converts on their own volition, i.e. they want to convert for their own reasons (and not for the sake of a marriage), then it doesn't really matter if they are ethnically Chinese or not.

    Now if Chen cheats on Zuckerberg, is it considered adultery if the marriage is invalid according to Halacha? Or if he cheats on her?

  5. B"H

    As far as I know: It would be considered as nothing, as, in Judaism, the marriage doesn't exist. However, it is not Priscilla Chan's fault intermarrying but the responsibility is Zuckerberg's. He should have remembered his Jewish heritage.

    It doesn't matter who is cheating, there is no marriage according to Judaism.

  6. Right, according to jewish law, Zuckerberg is not married. He is just living with a non jewish girl. Also we are not 100% if he is really jewish, what about his grandmother? Also, we are forgetting that Hashem always expects Teshuba. Of course it will be harder for Zuckerberg, but we can never say that a jew is completely lost.

    Shabua Tob (sephardic writing)

  7. B"H

    As far as I am informed, Mark Zuckerberg is halachically Jewish. If there is a doubt let me know.


    Your comment tells me that you don't know anything about Jewish Halacha or values. G - d created Jews and Gentiles and each of these groups have their own tasks. It has nothing do to with racism but rather with not mixing the tasks of two different groups.

  8. @Miriam:

    Why should something that applies to you, also automatically apply to someone else? I don't understand how you take out the right to judge about people that you don't even know?

    Their marriage. Their business.

    Are you therefore also thinking: Blacks shouldn't marry Whites? Nations, religions and races shouldn't mix? Everything has to stay "pure" ? 3rd Reich, anyone...?

  9. It's so hard for Jewish men to find Jewish women who are available. I go to Jewish singles events and there are five men for every woman there. I was at a Chabad shabaton event recently and there were ten single guys at my table, no women. What are we supposed to do, take a vow of celibacy?

    I've given up and now go to non-Jewish events mainly, because there are so many more available women who are more friendly and feminine.

  10. B"H

    Finding a Jewish wife may be harder in some communities but if this seems to be impossible, Jewish men could also look in other communities. There are even American male Jews looking in New York or coming to Israel.

    The claim that it is too hard sometimes rather seems to be a justification for running after Gentile girls. :-)

  11. How would it be considered if each of the ethnic or cultural groups in the European nations took a similar position on integrating with 'outsiders'?

    Each of these groups is actually rather comparable in population to certain Jewish populations. For this reason I believe the idea that "we are small while they are large" is an invalid direction in answering this question.

    Many of these nations have a unique heritage and genetic ancestry much like the Jewish people. I can see a dilemma in setting apart a homeland for Jews to preserve their identity only to have them integrate with their neighbors, thus losing attachment to this identity.

    Perhaps people would feel uneasiness if the European ethnic groups were to begin down this path. This topic and the way the people of Israel deal with it will be intimately linked with future perceptions of Israel and thus the Jewish people due to Western media exposure.

    This topic might be a double edged sword. Change will make us feel the risk of losing culture and the sacred bond we draw strength from. Resisting change by means of exclusion will be interpreted by those on the outside as a somewhat hostile act. It is only natural to ask what is so wrong with me?

    The word Schickse carries some offense. Jews have an admirable reputation in their contributions to the well being of the humans and I fear that using these words loosely could cause people to see Jews as an aggressive group.

    I for one would prefer the world not to enter a state of ethnic competition. Much of Israel's power derives from it's diaspora community. If the majority groups in the host countries went down the path of separatism discussed on this blog and all Jews returned to Israel I believe this would be a net loss for support to the nation of Israel.

    Just another thought under construction. Please tell me what you think.

  12. B"H

    I am not saying that you are wrong but you have to consider that there are certain Torah laws Jews need to keep. One one of those Torah laws is not to marry a Gentile.

    Of course, other nations have a heritage and great culture but we cannot go according to what they may think about us.