Saturday, May 12, 2012



Scientist keep on predicting a disastrous earthquake for near future. A destructive earthquake reaching from Zfat (Safed) in the north of the country down to the entire area at the Dead Sea up to Jerusalem. However, the is nothing new about quakes in Israel and especially Zfat and Tiberias suffered from the a few hundred years ago. Today's inhabitants of Zfat, Tiberias and Beit Shean are used to regular tremors and learn how to act in case an earthquake comes up.

The Old City of Zfat has suffered terrible earthquakes in the past and the result could be that the dead bodies of the ancient cemetery may have been relocated. I am anything but a specialist but there is a danger that the bones from different graves were sliding down the hill during the tremors.

Last night, parts of Israel were facing another "minor" earthquake. The center was in Cyprus but cities like Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Beersheva still felt the tremors. I did too but didn't think of an earthquake but of someone moving something heavy in our building complex.

Some months ago we got an earthquake drill at work. If a quake appears, the savest place would be staying inside a building. Outside things could fall and injure people. Staircases are a good place to hide. I haven't tried it out yet and hope that I won't get into this position.:-) 


  1. Last week in Jerusalem we had a "practice" earthquake drill during class. Of course we knew in advance, and the people in wheelchairs went first in the elevators...not what I predict would happen in a real quake! In 2004 we did feel a tremor which I thought was a large truck rolling by, but the guy I worked with panicked and started screaming to evacuate. He was the only casualty!

  2. B"H

    I would not recommend using the elevator but when you are in a wheelchair, what other choices do you have ?

    Most people freaking out tend to make the wrong decisions and get hurt.:-)